Do You Like Sausage Links Or Patties?


11 Answers

christine johnston Profile
Most definitely patty's. Spicy w/sage....DEEEEEEEELICIOUS!!!
Rev. Dr. Charles Rogers Profile
I like both, but usually opt out for links.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
For me, either, but I love a patty for a sandwich!
Samantha Profile
Samantha answered
These questions start getting REALLY tough!!! I would have to say... Patties, because they have more options for flavors, and how to cook them!
John Profile
John answered
Red links slightly spicy with hot buttered bicuits and gravy with lightly runny eggs and grape jelly.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Screw that!  I love me some patties to make breakfast sandwiches with!!!!  mmmm.... Patties,egg n cheese on a croissant or biscuit or bagel. Omg this is killing me,lol.

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