If You Are Female 70kg,5'4 How Many Calories Intake Per Day In Order To Be 60kg?


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Bill Burns answered
This depends on your level of activity, metabolism and the nutritional value of what you eat.

3500 calories equals one pound. So for 10kg (~22lbs), one would have to have a calorie deficit of 3500caloriesx22. Generally, females can eat about 1600 calories and maintain their weight, so try to eat a little less than that, but enough so that your energy levels are fairly constant throughout the day. Aim for that number, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.

If you do no eat ample food, your metabolism will slow, hindering weight loss efforts.

Take it slow and monitor your approximate caloric intake. Once it is as low as you can handle and still have plenty of energy, you should focus on staying there and working out regularly.

Make sure that you avoid processed foods, high amounts of fat and lots of carbs(especially added sugar).

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