How To Make Popiah?


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8 shallots
8 cloves garlic
2 tablespoon salted soy bean paste
1 lb jicama, shredded
2 hard bean curd cakes, fried and shredded
1 teaspoon black soy sauce
4 oz peeled shrimp
1 cup shredded cabbage
4 oz green beans, shredded
2 teaspoon salt

To make the filling crush the shallots and garlic together with the salted soy bean paste. Heat ¼ cup oil and fry until fragrant. Reserve 3 teaspoon of this. Leave the remaining fried paste in the pan and add the jicama. Cook for 5 minutes until softened, then add the fried bean curd and cook until very soft. Season with black soy sauce. Use 1 teaspoon of the reserved reasoning and put in a separate pan to fry the shrimp until cooked, repeat the cabbage, then with the beans. Mix into the cooked jicama and add sugar and salt. Leave to cool. For serving, put all prepared ingredients on the table. Place a popiah skin on a flat surface and spread with a little sweet black sauce, garlic paste and chili paste. Place one lettuce leaf on top, put on a spoonful of the cooked filling, a few shrimps, some cabbages, beans sprouts, peanuts and shallots. Fold in the sides, roll up and serve immediately

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