How Many Calories Does It Take To Maintain 195 Lbs?


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Katie Harry answered
Pamela, the amount of calories that you take would greatly depend on your physical activity. If you exercise regularly, the amount of calories that you can take in can be significantly higher than if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Then there is also a difference of whether you are moderately active during the day or very active. Assuming that you are moderately active, it takes about 2600 calories to maintain your weight at 195lb with your height. To maintain your weight at 130lb, you would need about 2250 calories per day.
A simple way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume everyday. Take up dance lessons, walk your dog or go on a weekend trek. Sure this would take time but this way you actually keep it off.
Consult food labels to determine your caloric intake and do not be mislead by serving sizes. 1 bag of chips may not be 1 serving. Follow the food guide pyramid to incorporate healthy amounts of cereal, fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, fat and sugar in your diet.
I would suggest that you gradually reduce the amount of calories. Start by cutting down on 50 calories and work your way to a 2250 calorie diet. Do not forget to exercise!

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