How Many Calories Should An Office Worker Have In A Day?


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Well, before we begin counting our calories it is important to know what exactly a Calorie is. Calorie is actually the unit of energy. All forms of energy are measured in calories.

The energy that a human body gets from food is also measured in terms of Calories. The energy gained by the daily food intake is required to keep the body functioning normally and carry out the daily activities. If the energy gained from food exceeds the usage of energy, then that excess energy is stored in the body as fats. While, if the energy gained from food is less than the energy expended for the daily activities, it results in weight loss. Knowing the amount of calories we take in, is important to maintain weight and a healthier life.

It is not possible to have the same daily caloric intake for everyone. Each person differs in size, shape, metabolic genes and daily activities. A person who exercises daily will need more calories than one who does not. A person who works in an office and is at the computer the whole day may require lesser amount of calories to maintain himself than a worker who is engaged in physical activity like a physical instructor in a school. A pregnant woman again needs more calories than a woman who is not pregnant. Each person has to know his own calorie count to maintain weight and in turn good health.

The body's energy requirements can be calculated with the help of a number of web calculators which work by first calculating the Body Mass Index (BMI) and then depending on the daily physical activity, age, weight and gender help a person to determine his or her daily caloric needs. A nutritionist or a personal trainer can be a better guide and can help to calculate a person's daily caloric needs more accurately.

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