How Do You Cook Canned Pink Salmon?


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Canned pink salmon is a ready-to-eat dish. However, it can be used to make a popular dish called canned pink salmon mousse. To make canned pink salmon mousse, you need a can of pink salmon, sour cream, the grated rind and juice of half a lemon, tomato puree, anchovy essence, mayonnaise, one egg separated, powdered gelatine, water, milk, one small onion halved, parsley stalks, one bay leaf, one strip of lemon rind, plain flour and butter, salt and pepper.

To make the white sauce, the milk is heated in a saucepan with the parsley, the onion, the bay leaf and the rind of the lemon. It is left to infuse for a duration of about ten minutes and then strained. The butter is melted in a saucepan, the flour and then the flavoured milk are added and brought to a boil and simmered for a duration of about two minutes. It is taken off the heat and left aside to cool slightly.

The canned pink salmon is then turned out into a bowl along with its juices. The bones and skin are removed and it is mashed well with a fork. The white sauce, the mayonnaise and the sour cream are then beaten in, the lemon rind and juice, the tomato puree, the anchovy essence and the yolk of the egg are stirred in and the salt and pepper are added according to the taste.

It is then turned into a greased ring fish mould or a soufflé dish and chilled in the refrigerator until it is set, preferably overnight. Before it is served, the mould is dipped briefly into hot water and turned out onto a serving plate. It is garnished with whole prawns and cucumber.
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Hi, this is an easy Pink Salmon breakfast dish. First of all, I buy the pouches of Pink Salmon, because it has no water in it, it is almost dry. I place the salmon in a bowel add one large onion chopped. Sauté or cook in a 1/4 cup of olive oil or 1/3 stick of butter in a large skillet for about two minutes on a medium flame. I add two eggs for each person in a bowel, a few spices, such as Ms Dash red pepper you can add whatever spices you want and beat the eggs with a fork. Reduce the heat and add the eggs in with the salmon scramble the eggs with a fork until they have cooked to your liking. Take care!
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Since it is already cooked, you can use it in any recipe that you would use tuna in.
It makes a really nice salmon pasta salad and a nice salad for sandwiches.
You can also make salmon patties and fry them, kind of like crab cakes.
I also makes Oven Baked Salmon.Salmon loaf is good too, especially with hollendaise sauce. The mild lemon flavor of the sauce really compliments the flavor of the salmon.

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